Samantha Lee is a London based artist working at the intersection of art and technology. She co-founded and runs digital arts practice Universal Assembly Unit


2012 — AA Diploma RIBA II, Architectural Association, London


2018 — Other Worlds, with Universal Assembly Unit in collaboration with London Contemporary Orchestra, Barbican Centre, London 

2018 — The Metallurgical Ouroboros, Gossamer Fog, London

2018 — Light Pollination, with Universal Assembly Unit, CRI Paris, Nuit Blanche, Paris

2018 — Diffraction, Total Refreshment Centre, curated by Felice Moramarco, London

2018 — String of Lights, with Universal Assembly Unit, public commission by Croydon Council, London

2018 — SUPERCULT II, Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

2018 — Natur Blick, The Koppel Project, curated by Augustine Carr and Paula Zambrano, London

2018 — SUB-, Decima X, collaboration with Flavie Audi, choreography by Kirill Burlov, London

2018 — RCA WIP Show, Royal College of Art, London

2018 — Ferens Open, Ferens Gallery, Hull (winner of student prize)

2017 — (Re)Inventing Nature, FOTODOK, Utrecht Netherlands

2017 — The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, The Parasite, London

2016 — Landscapes of Mass Replication, collaboration with Flavie Audi, Tristan Hoare Gallery, London

2016 — LCO Curtain Call, with Universal Assembly Unit in collaboration with London Contemporary Orchestra, Roundhouse, London

2016 — Light Pollination, with Universal Assembly Unit, commissioned by iGuzzini, London Design Festival, London

2015 — Datum Explorer v2, with Universal Assembly Unit, Sonar+D, Sonar Festival, Barcelona

2015 — Echo Wanders, with Universal Assembly Unit, Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival, Grizedale Forest

2015 — Datum Explorer v1, with Universal Assembly Unit, DATUM Festival, Great Park Farm, Sussex

2015 — Sscanned_Networked_Embedded, with Universal Assembly Unit, Fashion Space Gallery, London


2019 — Digital Promises, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff, Alberta Canada


2018 — Unit 1 - Omnitopia, AA Summer School, Architectural Association, London

2018 — Yes She Can, Little Architects, Architectural Association, London

2017 — Guest Critic, Diploma 9, Architectural Association, London

2017 — 3D Scanning Workshop, Oxford Brookes, Dungeness

2017 — Materiality & Form Seminar, London College Communication, London

2017 — Universal Assembly Unit, Lecture to Benoy, London

2017 — Guest Critic, Westminster University, London

2015 — Guest Critic, Diploma 6, Intermediate 3,  Architectural Association, London

2014 — Guest Critic, Diploma 6, Intermediate 3,  Architectural Association, London

2014 — A Space Animation Studio, ‘What’s Next’ AA Lecture Series, Architectural Association, London

2014 — Universal Assembly Unit, Plexus Lecture, Bartlett School of Architecture, London


2019 — Datum Explorer, The Blindspot Initiative: Design Resistance and Alternative Modes of Practice, ed. Jose Sanchez, (US: Evolo)

2018 — At London’s Barbican Hall, sound and vision ushered in the End Times, New Scientist <>

2018 — Light Pollination, Interactive Installation Art & Design: Art Experience Driven by Technology, (China: Artpower International Publishing Co.)

2018 — Light Pollination, New Media Installation: Technology in Public Art (China: Sandu Publishing)

2018 — The Intergalactic Space Soundscapes of Actress, Elephant Magazine <>

2017 — AD 4D Would Like to Use Your Current Location, 4D Hyperlocal: A Cultural Toolkit for the Open-Source City, ed. Lucy Bullivant, AD Magazine (UK: Wiley)

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2017 — The Pixel HUT, Urbanista <>

2017 — Meet the Studio Residents of The Oval, Cambridge Heath, Something Curated <

2016 — 20,000 Reactive LEDs Mimic Bioluminescent Corals, Creator’s Project, Vice Magazine <>

2016 —  Universal Assembly Unit creates pulsing Light Pollination installation for iGuzzini, Dezeen <>

2016 — Light Pollination, What To See At London Design Festival 2016, Something Curated <>

2016 — Universal Assembly Unit, Feral Magazine, Issue 02: Tribe, London

2015 — Datum Explorer: Multi-platform Realities, Pidgin Magazine, Issue 19, Princeton School of Architecture

2015 — Datum Explorer turns UK woodland into a digital installation, Wired UK <>

2015 — This Hypnotic App Lets You Explore A Half-Real, Half-Imagined Forest, Fast Company <>

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2014 — Universal Assembly Unit: A Space Animation Studio, AA Conversations <>