Samantha Lee is a London based artist. She also runs multimedia art practice Universal Assembly Unit.

She is currently completing an MA at the Royal College of Art in Sculpture (2017-20). Her practice is influenced by the omnipresence of technology and how it impacts human imagination and perception. By using new imaging methods and modes of object making, she explores the creation and perpetuation of mythologies through digital media. She is interested in the ways our understanding of the physical world is continually changing, through the translation and transformation of objects and landscapes across geological, industrial and post-industrial processes.



2018 - The Metallurgical Ouroboros, Gossamer Fog, London

2018 - Diffraction, Total Refreshment Centre, curated by Felice Moramarco, London

2018 - SUPERCULT II, Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

2018 - Natur Blick, The Koppel Project, curated by Augustine Carr and Paula Zambrano, London

2018 - SUB-, Decima X, collaboration with Flavie Audi, choreography by Kirill Burlov, London

2018 - RCA WIP Show, Royal College of Art, London

2018 - Ferens Open, Ferens Gallery, Hull (winner of student prize)

2017 - The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, The Parasite, London

2017 - (Re)Inventing Nature, FOTODOK, Utrecht Netherlands

2016 - Landscapes of Mass Replication, collaboration with Flavie Audi, Tristan Hoare Gallery, London